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Wedding Dress in our Studio

 Recently we Photographed Ryans & Emma's Wedding at St George's Hall & Oh me Oh My. Well Ryan and Emma loved their special day. Everything went well.  They where so happy with how the day went.  We sent them a few teaser images. They where so happy.  The day started off at Ryans mums house. The boys where all getting ready when we arrived.  To say it was a little stressful. Ryan was coping very well.  So we started with the details ie rings. I love photographing the rings. we first look for somewhere that compliments the rings. If we can't find one then we can always use the box. Wow these rings had a bright yellow box. So, "the boys" where ready.  We then travelled to the girls.  Kids loved it when the Red Bus.  Emma was up stairs getting ready when we arrived.  Bridesmaids and mums floating around.  Then off to St George's hall to get married. We had a nervous Ryan waiting for his Bride.

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